APL invites you to advance pole & aerial sports! image

APL invites you to advance pole & aerial sports!

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In a forest of steel pipes and iron clouds there was a creature with beautiful pink hair. She liked to dance with the trees and play with rings up in the air. She dreamed of flying high and chasing the wind. People called her Pink Puma. Here is her beautiful story.

Pink Puma, formerly known as Polina Volchek, inhabits in a brutal environment of sport and show business industries for over than 25 years. At the age of 17th this lady gained a title of “Master of Sports in International Level”. Throughout past 9 years Puma became 4 x World Pole Sport and Artistic Pole Champion for the Team USA, was a multiple winner of national and international competitions in Pole Sports, Dance, Art, Fitness all around the globe. The world of pole sports has changed her life significantly and made one of the leaders within the community.

In 2017 Polina founded a non-profit organization and USA National & Open championships “American Pole League”. APL is a member of the International Pole Sports Federation also known as the International Governing Body of Pole Sport. Since 2017 IPSF has an Observer Status with Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF, formerly known as Sport Accord).

The goal of Polina and APL Team is to promote pole & aerial as athletic disciplines. Together we are working towards national and global recognition of our sports and eventual inclusion into Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028!

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